Claw Type Vacuum Pumps

Claw type vacuum pumps are suitable for applications requiring pressure, vacuum or pressure/vacuum simultaneously.

Vacuum up to 150 mbar (abs) and capacities from 100 to 600 m3/hr

Pressure up to 2.2 bar and flow rates from 100 to 600 m3/hr

In combined operation, vacuum up to -0.6 bar and pressure up to 1.0 bar can be achieved simultaneously

Product Specifications:

The Claw Principle

The Rietschle claw pump consists of two rotors (1, 2) which rotate in opposite directions without contact, synchronised by precision oil lubricated gears. Air is drawn in at the suction port (4), compressed and exhausted at the discharge port (5).

The internal compression gives much higher efficiency than roots blowers, dry vane compressor and even dry screw compressors. A cooling fan directs air between the outer cover (10) and finned housing. This design is characterised by high efficiency oil free compression, low noise levels and very low maintenance requirements.